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Instead of telling you a story about a 13-year-old boy who was diagnosed with brain cancer, we would instead like to introduce you to my little cousin.

This is Thomas Wichmann. Soft-spoken at times, but hilarious and clever whenever he has something to say, Thomas just finished the fall semester of his 8th grade year. He is an avid soccer player, supporting his many club soccer teams as a fierce defender, striker, or midfielder – playing his heart out in whatever position he’s put in for. Thomas’ mother is Italian, which means that this kid could speak two languages, both Italian and English, before he could even walk. He has a raging appetite of a 13-year-old, but is as calm, cool, and collected as his nearly-50-year-old father. Last Christmas, we taught him how to play Up and Down the River, a classic card game. And within the first hour, Thomas beat all 28 of us in the family, all with a tumor in his brain.

Since we’re asking for your financial support, we’ll fill you in. On December 6th of 2018, Thomas had a convulsive seizure at his home in Minneapolis. After being rushed to the hospital and tested, doctors found a tumor in his left brain. Following this discovery, Thomas and his parents sought medical opinions from all over the country, finally landing at St. Jude’s/Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. A few intense testing days went by in the hospital, and the doctors finally operated to remove the tumor. The surgery was a success; Thomas woke up with minimal side effects and most of the tumor removed from his brain. He also hasn’t had a seizure since. Despite the medical miracle, the doctors did find once they were able to biopsy his tumor that Thomas has glioblastoma.

Even though this is tough news to swallow, Thomas is taking it like the champion he is. Hours after the doctors shared the news, Thomas was still on the phone laughing with his brothers, still looking forward to heading home to play with them. He still smiled for photos for Mom and happily talked to his cousins on the phone.

Yes, cancer sucks, we all know that. But we believe in Thomas and his positivity. He has the fire to fight this, and we have the faith and great big God to help. We ask that you support Thomas in his fight by donating to his GoFundMe to help lessen the financial stress that cancer tolls on his family.

Thomas has a long road ahead of him. But we are proud of his courage, bravery, and perseverance. Thank you for showing your support. It means absolutely the world. God bless.


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